Start of the Players’ League

On Sunday, we brought to life the 2017 Touch München Players League. The weather could not have been better with 15 – 20 °C and sunshine throughout the competition. At noon, three teams of seven players were assembled at random and each team played two matches of 15 minutes. On the pitch it was down to business; everyone displaying their best touch skills and fighting for three valuable points for their team.

Congratulations to team III for managing to win both matches! This puts the players of team three in the lead of the Players league, with 3 + 3 + 1 points for two wins and participation. Matt Dang takes the overall lead, since his refereeing effort brought him one extra point for a total of 8 points. Congratulations!

But remember: Every Sunday, the cards will be reshuffled so everybody is still in with a chance.

A big thanks goes to Francois, who refereed through all three games with the help of rotating co-referees and ensured a high quality of touch throughout the competition.

The idea behind the Players League is to be able to play competitive touch rugby with a small crowd of players. The rules are the following:

Teams are assembled at random on each league day. All players who participated get one point awarded. Each win earns all players from the winning team another three points. In case of a draw, each player gets one point. A referee gets one point for one half of refereeing.